Autumn 2016

Welcome back to Year 5/6. We have a lot of exciting topics to study this term and have no doubt that the children will produce some fabulous learning and have the opportunity to be creative in their Art and D.T projects. Also we hope to be announcing an excursion to a beach very shortly. Fingers crossed that the good weather continues!


Develops further children’s understanding and skills in mental and written calculations including problem and real life situations. Oral reasoning and collaborative learning activities  will be crucial in Maths as well as fluency and speed of basic calculation.

Theme (Geography)

The main theme for the Autumn term will be the Coasts. The children will first learn about all the natural features of a coastal environment: stacks; caves, how waves are formed and how they affect coastal features. They will then learn about how humans have impacted and affected the coastal region.


We will be looking at the work of artist Serenna De La Hay. The children will be creating large colourful ‘Withy' sea creatures.

Design and Technology

In D.T the children will have an opportunity to design and make a fabric puppet based around a sea theme. They will learn key skills of designing for a purpose, cutting, sewing, construction and evaluation. As part of food and nutrition, the children will have an opportunity to design and make a Cornish pasty.


In English we will be learning how to write detailed character descriptions based on our class novel ‘Why the Whales Came’ by Michael Morpurgo. Additionally, the children will be writing a non- chronological report on coasts.  There will be a particular focus on learning and using accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation.


In computing the children will first be programming. They will have an opportunity to code robots. They will then look at debugging (fixing problems) and designing their own web page.


Children will be learning about materials. The children will be able to group materials based on their properties then understand different forms of matter (solids, liquids, gases.)

They will then look at dissolving and reversible and irreversible change within different material types.


In music the children will be looking at the work of composer and conductor John Rutter . They will compare traditional and morning day hymns.

Religious Education

The children will be studying Christianity and understanding God through the Holy Trinity and biblical language. They will learn a range of Old Testament stories and will think about the meanings of well-known prayers such as the ‘Creed’.

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