Autumn 2017

The Foundation children made some fantastic Autumn Pictures for their home-learning!  Look how amazing they are!
The Little Red Hen – Bread making
We have been learning about the Little Red Hen and we decided to make bread like the character in the story. We had to mix the flour and the water together to make dough. We then each had a piece of dough and kneaded it to make a roll. We left the ‘rolls’ in the kitchen to ‘rise’ and then Mrs Connors baked them for us.
Part of our outdoor maths learning we played a variety of different games (football, skittles and beanbag hoopla) and then had to record our scores. Some of us used a tally chart, some of us recorded numbers and some of us had to use part-part whole to add up our score and write our numbers. We all played really well, took turns and most importantly were able to use strategies to add or record our score!
In maths we have been learning about the numbers 1, 2 and 3. We used our counting skills to prove we knew what the numbers were and to help us put them in the right order. We found out that there are lots of different ways to show 1, 2 and 3! Sometimes we can use our body parts, objects in the room or pictures. When we learnt about the number 3 we used cubes to investigate how two parts can add together to make the whole number, 1+2= 3.
In our English lessons we have been learning about parties and we were very lucky to receive a party invitation from Sam. Today was the day of Sam’s party! We all wore the party hats we had made and sat patiently waiting for Sam to arrive. When he walked in we sang Happy Birthday to him and gave him the cards we had made. We got to play party games such as musical bumps and we could party in the friendship garden too! There were even balloons and party poppers at the party! We all had a great time celebrating Sam’s Birthday together.

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