Events and visits

     On Wednesday 1st March, the children of 5/6 KK, 5/6 GP and 5/6 VJ were lucky enough to visit Dartmoor Zoo as part of their study of Charles Darwin, evolution and inheritance. Despite the rain, everyone had a wonderful day, exploring the zoo and meeting all of the amazing creatures and we all learnt a great deal from the very knowledgeable zoo staff. 
         The zoo has a wide variety of animals, including lions, tigers, wolves, lynx, otters and the meerkats, who kept us all amused with their antics. We were lucky enough to watch the lions at close quarters eating their lunch (it certainly didn't look very appetising ). We were also fortunate to have a good view of the two bears, who the zoo keeper told us, don't usually come out in such awful weather.
          The zoo staff also put on a fabulous workshop for us. This helped us have a better understanding of inheritance and how creatures have to adapt to suit their surroundings, which links to our learning about Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution. During the workshop, we made our own DNA strands using sweets (and no, we didn't get to eat any of them) and had the opportunity to meet and handle various animals, including a gecko called Dylan, a corn snake called Kellogs and a gorgeous 4 month old border collie puppy called Pilot. Besides being extremely cute and friendly, Pilot also illustrated what a diverse species of animals dogs are.
           All in all, despite the awful weather, we had a fabulous day at the zoo and learnt a great deal too. 

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