Spring 2017

Welcome back. We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas and New Year break. This term will be looking at the exciting topic of Exploration and Evolution. What follows is an overview of each subject and what we will be studying, over the coming weeks.
In English the children will be learning how to write a biography and a diary based on the life and works of Charles Darwin. Also, the children will be looking at Mayan myths and legends and write a non chronological report on the Mayan civilization. There will be a particular focus on learning and using accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation.
Maths further develops the children's understanding and skills in mental and written calculations, including problem and real life situations. Oral reasoning and collaborative learning activities will be crucial in Maths as well as fluency and speed of basic calculation. Children will continue to focus on learning their tables by using Mathletics and TT rockstars.
The main theme for the Spring term will be explorers and exploration. The children will learn about the countries of the world. They will also identify the position and significance of latitude, longitude, Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctic Circle. After half term, the children will study South America, in particular, the history and culture of the Aztec and Mayan civilization.
In computing the children will have the opportunity to use Google Earth to map the journey of Charles Darwin. Additionally, they will be programming using 'scratch' to create a computer based game.
            The children will also be teaching Ks1 how to use the Dot and Dash robots.
Physical Education
During PE the children will have the opportunity to learn skills in the invasion game of tag rugby. In addition, they they will be orienteering. For indoor activities the children will be taking part in gymnastics.
We will be looking at the drawings of Leonardo Da La Hay. The children will be creating large, colourful, 'Withy sculptures' based on butterflies and dragonflies.
Primary Modern Languages
Children will find out about life, languages and culture in France.
In music the children will be looking at traditional South American inspired music and instruments such as flutes, panpipes, whistles and ocarinas. They will improvise and compose music to play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts.
In science the children will be learning about evolution, inheritance and adaption.
        They will recognise how animals have changed over time, identify fossils and why they are important. In addition, they will look at how adaptation has helped animals survive in different environments.
          The children will look at the work and findings of Charles Darwin and why they are so important.

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