Spring 2018

As part of our English learning this term, we will be looking at a range of traditional and fairy tales which will link to our theme. They will use active retelling, role play and character hot seating to enhance their narrative writing further. They will also write information text about castles, knights and the monarchy through independent and guided tasks; and will have the opportunity to present it using IT (Purple Mash).
Maths Over the term, the children will continue to deepen their place value and number skills (addition and subtraction) through a range of mental and problem solving tasks using money, length and weight. This term they will develop their multiplication and division understanding using a range of resources (manipulatives) to help deepen their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. Through investigations and practical activities, the children will develop a greater understanding of fractions and length.



This term, the children will learn all about humans including their basic needs for survival. The children will be encouraged to explore, name, discuss and raise and answer questions regarding the five senses relating to the human body. Alongside this, the children will also learn about healthy living consisting of the importance of exercise and a balanced diet, thinking carefully about their own lifestyle.




This term in Computing, the children will be using our Dot and Dash robots to explore what algorithms are and how they work. They will learn what an algorithm is, how they work and how to use them. They will be able to begin creating their own algorithms, debugging them and  adapting them for their needs. We will continue to discuss e-safety, sharing what they already know and extending their understanding of how to stay safe online.


Design and Technology

As part of D&T, the children will investigate and evaluate existing products linked to the puppet making idea. They will explore and compare fabrics, joining techniques, finishing techniques and the types of fastenings used.

Forest School
1/2 SH and 1/2 CB ventured into the woods for Forest Schools. They all had ago at making some bows and arrows and made dens for their knights. The children all had a very enjoyable afternoon despite all the mud. 


As part of the Art learning, the children will explore portraits focusing on the work of Henri Matisse. The children will have opportunities to experiment with different types of paint to build their confidence and techniques, including beginning to blend creating tone and depth within their paintings.




In Music, the children will have opportunity to listen to a range of instruments in songs and use them to play and create their own different tunes and songs. The children will develop their performance skills, sharing their pieces with their peers, The children will evaluate their pieces, discussing what they liked about it and finding  ways that they could improve their composition.



During this theme, the children will learn about the different features of castles and their adaption over a period of time. They will investigate what castle life was like through a range of opportunities (role play, film extracts; use of artefacts /props and the forest school area). They will investigate the role of the British monarch and their impact on our history. They will locate castles both nationally and locally and will have an opportunity to visit a castle to help develop their understanding of the past further.


Religious Education


This term, RE will offer children the opportunity to explore Christianity further, focusing on Jesus on the lead up to Easter, The children will explore key Christian beliefs thinking carefully about the importance of each. Throughout the term the children will be told many stories from within the Bible linking these to their prior understanding of Christianity.


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