Spring 2018

Our theme this term is ..... 
In English we will be learning how to adapt a traditional story. Pupils will also write detailed character descriptions linked to the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood. The children will be reading the H G Wells novel 'The War of the Worlds' comparing different versions of the story. There will be a particular focus on learning and using accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation.
During art children will be looking at superhero character characters and learn how to draw in the style of Roy Lichtenstein.
Physical Education
During P.E children will have the opportunity to learn orienteering skills with Plymouth Argyle. Also, they will look at balance and counter balance during their gym sessions.
Our focus will be on developing further children's understanding and skills in mental and written calculations including problem and real life situations. There will be focus on division and multiplication, together with fractions, percentages and decimals. They will be applying maths to increasingly complex problems.
Religious Education
Learning during R.E will be all about the different aspects of Hinduism such as religious symbols, key beliefs and different types of worship.
Primary Modern Languages
Children will continue to enjoy finding out about life, languages and culture in France.
The children will be following two units of study on Music Express; The Solar System and At the Movies.
Design Technology
The children will be designing and building a shelter to protect an astronaut from the Martian weather
The children will be learning all about the physical features of the planet Earth including the continents and the oceans. They will locate features on the planet and the children will be learning how to use an atlas.
Science will focus initially on different types of forces. Then we will be learning all about the Earth, Sun and Moon. Including what causes day and night, the seasons and the tidal rises.
The children will creating their own animated film using stop motion animation.

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