Spring 2018

Our theme this term is .................
We will use our research to present information and explain how mountains and rivers have shaped our landscape. We will also research how volcanoes erupt. Through our class novel, we will develop our own stories full of adventure based on The Firework Maker’s Daughter.We will continue to focus on spelling correctly all the words from the year 3 and 4 lists and on ensuring we can use joined handwriting confidently.
Physical Education
This term the children will be exploring a range of team building activities in our outdoor and adventure sessions. They will also develop their invasion game skills through tag rugby. They will be learning the skills required to play badminton and later in the term they will be developing their gymnastics skills.
Computing -
The children will develop their research skills using a range of websites and will use the facts gathered to create graphs and analyse data. Tablets and Chrome Books will be used to develop their multi-media skills and present their findings as booklets. Children will also learn about the importance of saving their learning within a variety of programs, including Google Drive which they will be able to access from home. We will cover the importance of internet safety, including protecting their personal information, whilst online.
Science –
This term we will be developing our knowledge about electricity by looking at how electricity is used in our everyday lives. We will be making circuits using switches and bulbs and learning about electrical  conductors and insulators.
Art –
This term, the children will be developing their sketching skills and will be creating their own mono-print designs based upon water and rivers. They will explore the artwork of Claude Monet and Daniel Jean Baptiste and will be experimenting with shape and colour.
Maths -
Our learning will focus on developing our fluency and reasoning skills and applying them to problem solving. We will be focusing on multiplication, division and fractions. Additionally, we will be solving money problems and applying them to everyday life situations. We will continue to build upon our multiplication knowledge to ensure rapid recall of our time tables. It is vital that all children in year 4 know their tables so keep practising. TT Rockstars really helps with the rapid recall so we will continue to use this and Mathletics.

Religious Education

Throughout this term we will be enabling children to explore the religion of Sikhism. They will learn about the key aspects and the people and stories that influence their beliefs. We will focus on the life of Guru Nanak, the Gurdwara and the Khalsa. We will experience religion through a visitor this term.

Theme (Geography)
This term we will be learning about mountains, volcanoes and rivers and how they have shaped our landscape. Additionally, the children will investigate how the Earth is made up of four distinct layers. They will investigate how mountains and water are used today to create electricity. To further their geography skills, they will carry out a local field trip. The children will research facts about Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay and learn about their achievements.  
This term we will be discussing children’s rights and responsibilities within our diverse range of groups and communities. This will offer children the opportunity to see themselves as valued individuals who can contribute to a community.
We will continue to expand the French vocabulary words we can understand and speak. We will focus on simple translation using our prior knowledge to translate short phrases from French into English. We will learn through songs, rhymes and games and engage in short conversations.

Design and Technology

During this term we will be designing and making pop up cards using paper mechanisms (joins and levers). The children will practise their skills before making cards.

Music -
This term each child will explore a variety of theme based rhythms, beats and songs. Additionally, they will be creating their own composition based upon the journey of a river which they will perform during their Year 3/4 show.

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