Summer 2016

Year 5 and 6 are excited to learn about their topic...
How have the Ancient Greeks influenced us?
The children are discovering more about famous temples, Gods and Goddesses and the Ancient Greeks lifestyles, jobs and entertainment.
What are we learning to do?
The children have been researching the different styles of Greek pottery  and learning to draw them as a part of their Art and Design. They have been finding lots of information about Ancient Greek pottery to help them with their end of term project for Design Technology; to create their own Greek pots!
There's lots to learn and lots that the children want to know...
Lauren (Year 5) wants to know -
"What food did the Ancient Greeks eat?"
Naomi (Year 5) wants to know -
"What clothes did they wear?"
Sam (Year 6) wants to know -
"How long did it take to make a temple?"
The children have had lots of fun finding out facts about the Ancient Greeks...

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