Summer term 2017


In English we will be learning how to write detailed instructional writing based on our class novel ‘War Boy’ by Michael Foreman. Additionally, the children will be writing and performing poetry  based on “Down in the shelter/ Up in the Air.” by Robert Laurence Binyon There will be a particular focus on learning and using accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation.

  Religious Studies

The children will describe  the key features of Judaism, focusing on place of worship, festivals and the story of Anne Frank.


 Computing this term will focus on the children designing and creating a website based on their personal reflection of their year.

            Theme - (History)

We will be learning about World War 2, extending our factual knowledge and understanding. Focusing on the significant turning point of the  Battle of Britain. In addition, we will look at how the war impacted on the lives of the people.The children will note connections, contrasts and trends over time and develop the appropriate use of historical terms.

        Physical Education

During PE the children will be developing their hand and eye coordination skills whilst playing tennis. Additionally,  they will be sprinting, throwing and jumping in athletics, challenging themselves on a  personal and team level, culminating in Sport's Day.   




The children will listen,

analyse and perform a range of World War 2 songs, in solo and ensemble contexts.They will develop the use of their voices and play musical instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression, ending in a performance of our play, “The Battle of Britain.”


Develop further children’s understanding and skills in mental and written calculations including problem and real life situations. Oral reasoning and collaborative learning activities  will be crucial in Maths as well as fluency and speed of basic calculation.

Primary Modern Languages

The children will continue to study French, focusing on developing their knowledge of  the spoken language broadening their vocabulary of food and shopping.   


In art the children will initially look at World War 2 propaganda posters, designing and creating their own. In addition, they will look at the work of Landscape artist and painter Paul Nash.


In science, next term the children will deepen their understanding of plants. They will study and learn about the  life cycle of a plant, seed dispersal and germination. In addition, the children will have an opportunity to grow their own beans and plants.   

Design and Technology

We will focus on mechanical systems, especially pulleys and gears. The children will design and make a controllable moving vehicle cross linking their knowledge of electrical circuits.

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