Visit to the Plymouth's Immersive Theatre March 2016

On Wednesday 2nd of March,  5/6 GP and 5/6 VJ were lucky enough to visit the Immersive Vision Theatre at Plymouth University as part of our Space topic. The theatre, based in what was the planetarium, is now a 3D cinema that creates live experiences for the modern brain and the adventurous soul. We took a virtual adventure through our galaxy, universe and beyond. After visiting all the planets in our solar system we were transported to the edge of the known universe! The experience was amazing. And we had the opportunity to ask our host lots of probing questions. Our day began with a walk to Saltash train station, where we travelled first class to Plymouth Station. As well as the University we also had a look in Plymouth Museum and the children particularly enjoyed the War exhibition. Thanks to Mrs Bickford for organising such a fabulous visit and we hope that 5/6KL enjoy their day next week.

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