Welcome to the Spring term 2016

This term, Year 5 and 6 are studying space, with our new topic...
What is beyond the Earth?
The children are really excited to discover more about our Earth and the other planets in our Solar System. They are full of questions and working collaboratively to share what they already know.
Melissa (Yr 6) - said "I just love the stars, they are so shiny. I really want to find out how they got there."
Jake (Yr 5) - said " I thought it was amazing when I found out that we were studying Space. I can't  believe that in millions of years time our sun will turn into a black hole."
Michael (Yr 5) - said "I really hope that we can build mini rockets and launch them. I would love that."
Tim Peake - British astronaut
The children are enjoying following the exploits of British astronaut Tim Peake and were particularly inspired watching part of his Space walk, as it happened. Maybe we have some budding astronauts of our own, watch this space!

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