Egyptian Day December 2017

This term, we have been learning all about ancient Egypt which culminated in our Egyptian theme day. We had the chance to make our own Egyptian flatbreads, handle and examine real artefacts from ancient Egypt and listen to a story-teller recounting Howard Carter discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun.

The story-teller assumed the role of Howard Carter and told us of how he uncovered the tomb. We asked him excellent questions that helped us learn even more about his story. He then told us about mummification and the story of Osiris and Seth.

In our bread making session we measured our own ingredients, mixed, kneaded and shaped the bread. Once it had baked, we tasted and evaluated our product along with honey and olive oil and garlic - just as the Egyptians would have. It was delicious!

We then had the chance to study the beautiful artefacts such as pots, amulets, statues and pens. We drew them and discussed who would have made them and who might have used them.

Finally, we dressed up in our Egyptian costumes, performed dances and did a fashion show catwalk!


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