Healthy schools week

Daily Walk

Get your wellies on! Every day the children put on their wellies and walked around the school for 15 minutes to promote a healthier lifestyle and keeping fit.

Pedometer Challenge

Everyday children (and adults) counted how many steps they took when walking around the school. We had a competition to see which class could walk the most in a week.


Keeping healthy is not just about a healthy diet. Keeping fit and exercising is vital. The children participated in orienteering around the schools course.

Smoothie Bike

The children had great fun, making healthy smoothies. They had to sit on the ‘smoothie bike ‘ and peddle fast enough to whisk up the fruity ingredients.


As part of healthy school’s week, the children painted large scale fruit images in the style 0f 1960’s American ‘Pop Art’. The images were big, bright and bold.


The children had the opportunity to work collaboratively to prepare and cook the ingredients of a Chinese style stir fry.

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